Postup provides aid for people in need in Eastern Ukraine, like here in Krymskoe

With the donations collected so far we supported the following projects.

The activists of the Postup Human Rights Center had to flee Lugansk after separatists stormed the provincial administration building on April 29 – fearing prosecution, hostage-taking or beatings. Now based in Kiev Postup launched a program called “Vostok SOS” (East-SOS). It helps those who fled South-Eastern Ukraine for the West of the country. In those cities throughout the South-East that were re-taken from the separatists many homes lay in ruins. Here Postup focuses on the support of mothers with small children, elderly and handicapped people and provides them with food and medication. Now that winter has begun the situation has worsened and the needy also have to be supported with blankets and heaters, as well as medication against viral-infections and fever. So far we were able to support the work of the Postup Human Rights Center with 4550 Euros.

Yurii Krabchuk in the hospital

The Cologne-based initiative “Deutschland für die Ukraine” (Germany for Ukraine) took care of the wounded who received treatment in a German army hospital in Koblenz. Among them was Yurii Krabchuk (36 years). He was hit in arms and legs by snipers on the Maidan. The surgery in Germany saved his left leg from amputation. Subsequently he could receive further rehabilitation treatment in Cyprus. Back in Ukraine “Deutschland für die Ukraine” supports women who became widows as an affect of the war in the South-East. After the death of their husbands they find themselves alone with their children or other relatives in need of care – having no money, no power and no financial government assistance. So far we were able to support “Deutschland für die Ukraine” with 2650 Euros.

The Narodnyi Hospital in Kiew treats civilians wounded in the war. Among them are Alexandr Yevgenievich Barvinov (52 years) and Vladimir Fedorovich Ulanov (66 years). Both residents of Lugansk were wounded by rocket and mortar fire and could be evacuated to Kiev. We were able to contribute 2000 Euros for the necessary surgeries and further treatment in the Narodnyi Hospital.

During the Maidan-protests the Lutheran Church St. Cathrine catered demonstrators with food and medication. The church also housed a field hospital to treat the wounded. We were able to support the church with 1300 Euros.