A Vostok SOS employee writes down personal information from an affected person.

On 24 February, Russia began a wide-ranging attack on its neighbouring country. Vladimir Putin has invaded Ukraine again. Therefore, Libereco has launched an extensive humanitarian aid campaign together with several Ukrainian partner organizations.

In recent weeks, the Ukrainian army has liberated large areas in the east and south of the country.

The occupation and battles left massive destruction behind: bombed houses, devastated infrastructure, looted stores. The local people have neither access to medical care nor to clean drinking water and electricity.

Donate now, so that we can provide:

    • food
    • hygiene products
    • warm blankets
    • generators
    • heating materials (wood, briquettes, pallets)
    • evacuations to safer regions
    • trauma therapies
    • emergency shelters

Our partner organizations Vostok SOS, Help People or Help Kharkiv are ready. Every amount helps to evacuate families, organise medical and humanitarian aid, repair broken homes, protect the civilian population and provide trauma therapy. We guarantee that we will use your donation where it is urgently needed.

How Libereco has helped in Ukraine in 2022

Thanks to the great support we received last year, we were able to help tens of thousands of people in Ukraine. Together with our Ukrainian partners, we have…

    • … provided aid in 11 of Ukraine’s 27 regions.
    • … evacuated around 60,000 people and brought them to safety.
    • … packed 4,800 food parcels according standards of the UN World Food Programme and distributed them on the ground.
    • … shipped donations in kind worth several hundred thousand dollars to Ukraine, including vans, buses, wheelchairs, medicines and medical devices.

You can find a detailed overview of our aid projects in Ukraine in our annual report.

Donations account Germany

Account Holder: Libereco
Purpose: Ukraine
Bank: Ethikbank
IBAN: DE96 8309 4495 0003 3203 32

Donations account Switzerland

Account Holder: Libereco, 8000 Zurich
Purpose: Ukraine
Bank: Zürcher Kantonalbank
IBAN: CH81 0070 0114 8059 2400 2