A Vostok SOS employee writes down personal information from an affected person.

Since 2014, Libereco has provided humanitarian aid in Ukraine with local partners. Russia’s war of aggression in Ukraine has left massive destruction in large parts of the country: bombed-out houses, broken infrastructure, and looted shops.

People lack access to medical care, clean drinking water, and electricity, especially in eastern and southern Ukraine. We want to help as many people in need as possible!

How we work

We operate primarily in places where the major aid organisations and the Ukrainian state are barely active or not active at all – away from bigger cities, in areas that are difficult to access and in unsafe regions where there is a risk of shelling.

Together with local partners like our long-standing partner organisation East SOS (formerly Vostok SOS) and new allies such as Angels of Salvation and X-Traverse, Libereco has specialised in evacuations and the accommodation of people in need of care in danger zones, medical and humanitarian aid for marginalised groups and psychosocial support.

Based on our many years of expertise and strong partnerships, we provide direct, sustainable, needs-based, and competent aid through private and material donations and third-party funds. We utilise all resources as efficiently and economically as possible. To achieve this, we constantly work with our partners to find practical solutions.

Every donation helps us to evacuate families, organise medical and humanitarian aid, repair broken houses, protect the civilian population, and provide trauma therapy. We guarantee that we will use your donation where it is urgently needed. Our annual report provides a detailed overview of what we have already achieved in Ukraine.

Donations account Germany

Account Holder: Libereco
Purpose: Ukraine
Bank: Ethikbank
IBAN: DE96 8309 4495 0003 3203 32

Donations account Switzerland

Account Holder: Libereco, 8000 Zurich
Purpose: Ukraine
Bank: Zürcher Kantonalbank
IBAN: CH81 0070 0114 8059 2400 2