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We are an independent German-Swiss non-governmental organisation dedicated to the protection of human rights in Belarus and Ukraine.

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Kharkiv under attack: How you can help now

Russian troops are attacking Kharkiv in north-eastern Ukraine, resulting in a new front along the border. Two Libereco employees were in Kharkiv until recently and provide an insight into the current situation.

Escaped from Belarus: Support Nadzeya and Uladzimir

Nadzeya and Uladzimir participated in the peaceful protests against dictator Alexander Lukashenko in Belarus. As a result, they spent two years in prison. After their flight, both musicians now need help to restart their lives in Germany..

“I feel like a fish out of water”: Report on the situation of Belarusian civil society in exile

A new report published by Libereco documents the challenges Belarusian civil society faces in exile. For the first time, it details the difficulties in Poland, Lithuania, Ukraine, and Georgia, where almost 250 Belarusian activists and people from 18 Belarusian NGOs were interviewed.

“Scars of Strength”: Graphic novel anthology on flight and expulsion published

What the voices of young people have in common is that they are often given little attention to their experiences of flight and violence — and when they are, the public tends to talk about rather than with them. Our graphic novels change that: 14 young people from Afghanistan, Iran, Iraq, Syria and Ukraine share their personal experiences of war and displacement.

Five MPs from Germany take on a godparenthood for political prisoners in Belarus

As part of our #WeStandBYyou campaign, Christina-Johanne Schröder, Omid Nouripour, Cem Özdemir and Hanna Steinmüller (all Bündnis 90/Die Grünen) as well as Maria Noichl (Group of the Progressive Alliance of Socialists and Democrats in the European Parliament, Sozialdemokratische Partei Deutschlands) are taking on a godparenthood for Artsiom Fedasenka, Vital Brahinets, Dzianis Varozau, Yury Tashkinau and Hanna Kandratsenka.

Congratulate political prisoners on their birthday!

Political prisoners in Belarus unfortunately have to spend their birthday in prison. We therefore call to write a postcard to all political prisoners who celebrate their birthday in April or May.

Three MPs from Switzerland and the Netherlands take on godparenthood for political prisoners in Belarus

As part of our #WeStandBYyou campaign, Samira Marti (Sozialdemokratische Partei der Schweiz, Switzerland), Geert Gabriëls and Esmah Lahlah (both GroenLinks-PvdA, Netherlands) are taking on godparenthood for Anzhela Sikorskaya, Dzianis Dzemidovich and Valeryia Kastsiuhova.


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