How is life in a war zone? In what ways does armed conflict affect people´s lives? How do people cope with the challenges of everyday life and the constant confrontation with violence? How do refugees reorganize their lives far from their homes? In the graphic novel “Crossroads”, nine authentic people tell us their personal war story.

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The graphic novel is the result of a collaboration between artists and activists who document human rights violations during the conflict. As a collectively developed comic based on biographical interviews, it is a pioneering project, going beyond the scope of Ukraine.

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How do people experience war? How does war change their lives?

“Crossroads” shows the complexity of violence and need in an armed conflict and the deep traces they leave in biographies, families and communities. In nine authentic stories, the graphic novel deals with human rights and humanitarian crises, everyday life in war, migration, violence and death. In doing so, it takes up phenomena that are part of every war.

“War Next Door” – an exhibition about everyday life during war

A lot has happened since the Graphic Novel project was launched in early 2017. “Crossroads” is now available in four languages: Ukrainian, Russian, English and German. It offered the base for the interactive touring exhibition “War Next Door” about humanitarian needs and everyday challenges during war. The exhibition was compiled in 2019.

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Using “Crossroads” in education

In 2018, young educators from Ukraine and Germany developed a pedagogical manual with concrete proposals on how “Crossroads” can be used in formal and non-formal education. It offers a rich set of methods to convey dynamics and topics related to violence, conflict, migration and humanitarian crisis.

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Are you interested in using “Crossroads” in educational work? Or to show the exhibition “War Next Door”? Do you need more information about our projects? Or would you like to have a printed copy? You can reach us at the following email address.


Project partners in Ukraine:

Eastern-Ukrainian Center for Civic Initiatives

Coalition Justice for Peace in Donbas

Kyiv Educational Center Tolerspace


With financial support from the German Foreign Office, the development and printing of the graphic novel was realized in 2017. As part of the programme “MEET UP! German-Ukrainian Youth Encounters” of the Foundation “Remembrance, Responsibility and Future” the novel was later translated into English and German. Within that programme, the touring exhibition “War Next Door” was developed, too.