Together with twelve Ukrainian artists, we have designed a wall calendar that brings you closer to the country. Put up some Ukrainian art and support our aid projects in this war-torn country.

In the Ukrainian language, the names of the months have special meanings. These are derived from natural events. To pay tribute to this connection, we commissioned a group of Ukrainian artists to illustrate the twelve months for us. The result is a beautifully designed annual calendar 2024 that brings out all of the special features of Ukraine.

For example, the name of the month of March (in Ukrainian березень [beresen]) means ‘the month when the birch trees awaken’. Ukrainian artist Dariya Filippova illustrated the corresponding calendar page.

Support for people in need in Ukraine

By buying the calendar, you are directly supporting people in need, because all the proceeds go to our Ukraine aid.

Libereco provides humanitarian aid and trauma relief. We support evacuations and provide the civilian population with fresh drinking water or seeds packages. Our focus is on marginalised groups: single mothers with children, the elderly, people with disabilities and people with special care needs. We work primarily in areas where the major aid organisations and the Ukrainian state have little or no presence. We work away from the big cities, in areas that are difficult to access, and in insecure regions where there is a risk of shelling.

The calendar is sold out!