Vor dem Brandenburger Tor halten Demonstrierende eine Flagge in blau-gelb mit der Aufschrift "Stop Putin Stop War"Even from Germany, Switzerland and Austria, there are various possibilities – apart from donations – to support the people from Ukraine.

We present platforms, initiatives and provide recommendations on how you can support the Ukrainian people directly and indirectly from abroad. 



Build political pressure

    • Show your solidarity with Ukraine at the numerous demonstrations currently being organised all over Germany, Austria and Switzerland. If there is no demonstration planned in your town or city: initiate, network and organise demonstrations on your own!
    • Contact the MPs of your constituency or canton and call on them to show solidarity with Ukraine and to draw attention to the current situation. You can research who represents your constituency or canton e.g. on the  Bundestag website and on the website of the Swiss Parliament. 
    • If you are part of an organisation or company: Publish statements there as well and show your solidarity with Ukraine.
    • You can also sign petitions on the issue, for example on Change.org.

 Create publicity for the situation in Ukraine

    •  Share information about the current situation in Ukraine on your social media channels. Please be careful what information you share – use only reputable news sources, as there is currently a lot of misinformation in circulation (this is also an active part of Russian warfare). 
    • General and background information in German can be found on the websites of Ukraine Verstehen and Dekoder as well as on their social media channels.
    • Up-to-date information in English can be found on Ukrainian media, especially The Kyiv Independent, The New Voice of Ukraine and Stopfake.org or for example on Instagram via @svidomi_eng.
    • Also, make sure to use the correct terms when talking about the current situation, for example use “Russo-Ukrainian war” instead of “Ukraine crisis”.

 Support refugees from Ukraine directly

    • You can offer Ukrainian refugees a place to sleep or live (even temporarily for a limited period of time) by signing up for the Elinor (Germany) lists.
    • Ask your local refugee council, municipality or city administration if and how you can help.
    • Offer your volunteer help via the international platform UkraineNow and network with other volunteers.

 Donate and share fundraising appeals

Together with our long-standing Ukrainian partner organisation Vostok SOS, Libereco has launched a major humanitarian aid campaign for Ukraine. This involves addressing the most urgent needs of people in the immediate danger zone, bringing them medicines, hygiene items and bandages, helping them evacuate and finding temporary housing for them.