Hundreds of thousands of buildings in Ukraine have already been damaged by Russia’s brutal war of aggression. Sadly, more are being damaged every day. The most common damage is the shattering of windows from the shock waves of explosions. This article is about how we can help these people protect themselves against the onset of winter.

Windows that have already been transported to Ukraine

More than 144,000 private homes in Ukraine have been damaged by the war. Millions of windows have been destroyed. In addition to the war, the approaching winter is also a threat to the population. In addition, the rebuilding process is being made even more difficult by the lack of suitable building materials. At the same time, large quantities of high-quality windows are disposed of in Switzerland every year. These are urgently needed in Ukraine. That is why our “Windows for Ukraine” project combines humanitarian aid with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

Humanitarian aid and sustainability

This is why we work in close partnership with the Basel-based association RE-WIN. We collect used windows in Switzerland and transport them to Ukraine in the spirit of sustainable recycling. In this way, we are also setting an example against the waste of resources. For the purchase price of a single new window, we can deliver and install at least five used but fully functional windows in Ukraine. Together with our Ukrainian partner organisation, Angels of Salvation, we are helping people affected by war and destruction in the Kramatorsk and Dnipro regions to make their homes winter-ready and survive the harsh winter. The first transport of windows to Ukraine had already taken place in the summer, thanks to which we were able to gather a great deal of experience. This was a great success for all involved. You can get some impressions in the video or picture gallery below.

Galerie: Fenster für die Ukraine

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How you can help

In order to protect as many people as possible in Ukraine from the cold, we need your help. That’s why we have launched a fundraising campaign. We want to get as many windows to Ukraine as possible before winter sets in.

We would be very grateful if you would also share and promote our campaign in your environment, via email, chat or social media.