A team of students and young journalists from Belarus, Poland and Germany is investigating public opinion and reactions during the period of the Belarusian parliamentary election, which will take place on 11 September 2016.

The elections therefore provide the context for the second edition of the trilateral Belarusian-German-Polish project “Belarus Votes”. The project website www.belarus-votes.org provides you with analysis, interviews and reports on various topics regarding the political situation and state of civil society in Belarus.

Enjoy reading our articles on belarus-votes.lphr.org! We are also keeping you up to date through our Twitter feed: @BelarusVotes

“Belarus Votes 2016” is a joint Belarusian-German-Polish initiative created by Libereco – Partnership for Humans Rights (Germany/Switzerland), StudAlliance with support of EOTP project (Belarus) and Common Europe Foundation / Eastbook.eu (Poland). The project is funded by Foundation for German-Polish Cooperation, the German Federal Agency for Civic Education and The GermanMarshall Fund of the United States.