January in the #WeStandBYyyou calendar.

Show your solidarity with Belarus with a calendar! Six Belarusian photographers have captured scenes of protest, pain and courage in their home country. We publish their atmospheric pictures in a calender, all proceeds from its sale will go to the “BY_Help” initiative.

On 9 August 2020, Alexander Lukashenko ran for the presidential elections in Belarus, again. It was already the fifth time in his 26-year term of office. The apparent rigging of the elections subsequently brought hundreds of thousands of people to the streets across the country. It became the largest mass protests in the EU’s neighbouring country since the it became independent.

From day one, the Lukashenko regime reacted with violence. However, the nationwide demonstrations against the head of state did not stop, nor did the brutal repressions. You can now help those affected directly: Order now the German language #WeStandBYyou calendar of Libereco and the Belarusian Community RAZAM at the price of 15 Euro (including shipping). All proceeds from the sale go to the “BY_Help” initiative.

“BY_Help” directly supports victims of repression in Belarus

“BY_Help” was initiated by prominent members of the Belarusian civil society and diaspora. The campaign supports Belarusians who have been affected by violence and repression by compensating fines, medical expenses and legal support.

The cover of the calender.

In the #WeStandBYyyou calendar, six Belarusian photographers show the events in their home country. In atmospheric and moving pictures they have captured scenes of protest, pain and courage. Many of the photographs are being shown for the first time in Western Europe.

The German language #WeStandBYyou calender

    • … is limited and has the size A4.
    • … comprises a total of 14 pages.
    • … is printed on high-quality and climate-neutral 250g paper.
    • … is hung up on a silver metal spiral as wire-o-binding.

Please note: The shipping will take place from mid-December on.