In spring 2023, Libereco has launched the campaign “Planting Solidarity”. We will send you sets of blue cornflower seeds and yellow sunflower seeds to make this summer shine in blue and yellow. Together, we send the message to Ukraine that we continue to stand by their side!

Russia’s war of aggression is causing great suffering and leaves a trail of devastation in Ukraine the past two years. But people are not intimidated by the massive bombardment and destruction. We will continue to help those affected thanks to your support – and send them a message of solidarity.

Join in: Plant the flowers in your garden or on your balcony and give the seeds to friends and family! You can now order the seed sets with blue cornflowers and yellow sunflowers from us.

The colours of sunflowers and cornflowers not only reflect the flag of Ukraine, both flowers also symbolise a free Ukraine. In the past, they bloomed on wide fields, especially in the east and south of Ukraine –in those areas that Russia still occupies.

Order now – shipping only to addresses in Germany, Switzerland and Liechtenstein: