On the night of 6 June, suspected Russian troops blew up the Kakhovka dam in Ukraine, causing a humanitarian and ecological disaster. We are helping on the ground.

Millions of cubic metres of water have flooded large parts of southern Ukraine, including several districts of the city of Kherson. Our partner organisations Vostok SOS, HelpPeople and Angels of Salvation are on the ground, evacuating people and animals and providing first aid.

Support us now so that people can be evacuated and drinking water and hygiene products can be provided to those in need. In the areas directly affected by the dam burst, we are focusing on the supply and treatment of drinking water. We are raising money for a tanker truck for drinking water and a waste water treatment plant located in the city of Dnipro. The truck and the facilities will be able to supply several thousand people with clean drinking water every day.

How Libereco has helped in Ukraine in 2022

Thanks to the great support we received last year, we were able to help tens of thousands of people in Ukraine. Together with our Ukrainian partners, we have…

    • … provided aid in 11 of Ukraine’s 27 regions.
    • … evacuated around 60,000 people and brought them to safety.
    • … packed 4,800 food parcels according standards of the UN World Food Programme and distributed them on the ground.
    • … shipped donations in kind worth several hundred thousand dollars to Ukraine, including vans, buses, wheelchairs, medicines and medical devices.

You can find a detailed overview of our aid projects in Ukraine in our annual report.

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