About the current situation

On 24 February, Russia began a wide-ranging attack on its neighbouring country. Vladimir Putin has invaded Ukraine again. Therefore, Libereco has launched an extensive humanitarian aid campaign. Find more information here.

General information about our Emergency Relief Fund

In 2014, the war in East Ukraine began. Together with our partner organisation Vostok SOS, we have been involved in humanitarian aid in the conflict area from the very beginning. In the first years, we supported mainly children and young people. In 2018, we established an emergency fund for needs-based aid.

The conflict area is home to an above-average number of disabled, sick and elderly people as well as socially disadvantaged families. Medical care in Ukraine does by no means cover everything that people with disabilities and other challenges need. Especially in the areas close to the contact line, people often do not have sufficient access to medical care. There is a lack of medicines and other medical aids, such as blood pressure gauges or wheelchairs. By financing and distributing medicines and assistive devices, we enable people with special needs to cope with their daily lives.

Accidents, strokes of fate and unexpected illnesses can create urgent needs. Recovery often depends on rapid assistance. With the Emergency Relief Fund, we are flexible: We can help quickly where people need it.

After an operation or an accident, recovery depends to a large extent on appropriate follow-up care. But physiotherapy or rehabilitation measures are not always paid for by the state and are difficult to organize in the conflict area. The lack of adequate rehabilitation often affects the healing success. We help people to regenerate and get moving again after medical interventions.

We deliver all humanitarian support personally – through Vostok SOS staff, accompanied by Libereco members as often as possible. During the delivery, we talk to the people, get a first-hand impression of their situation and find out in which areas people need further support. Thanks to the personal contact we are informed about the humanitarian situation in the conflict area and can build up relationships of trust with local actors. This is the basis for emergency aid that is tailored to local needs and uses every donated Euro wisely.

Our Emergency Relief Fund depends on your support. We make sure that every donation reaches exactly where it is urgently needed.