In order to reach particularly vulnerable groups, the aid organisation Vostok SOS urgently needs a new delivery van. Help them supply the people in the Ukrainian frontline region with relief supplies!

The blue Renault Traffic that has served as a humanitarian aid vehicle since 2014 is now old and sick itself. It has travelled hundreds of thousands of kilometres on unimaginably bad roads, got stuck in the sand countless times, delivered tons of food parcels, blood glucose monitoring systems, heart medication, blankets and many other life-saving items, reaching people in need even in the most inaccessible places.

To keep up their important work, Vostok SOS requires a new delivery car. Libereco is appealing for donations for a vehicle that will bring humanitarian aid to the conflict zone in eastern Ukraine. Your donation will give people the medical supplies they need to recover or maintain their health, and the feeling that there are people who see their needs.


The NGO ‘Vostok SOS’

The humanitarian aid programme of Vostok SOS is aimed at particularly disadvantaged and vulnerable groups. Their humanitarian aid programme is aimed at sick and disabled people as well as families with chronically ill children.

Vostok SOS primarily seeks out those areas where no other humanitarian aid reaches. Vostok SOS maintains a hotline where people can call and report their needs. Their request is assessed and a few days later, Vostok SOS members visit the affected people to deliver the medical equipment or medicines they need.


Humanitarian Crisis in Eastern Ukraine

In the conflict area of Eastern Ukrainian, many people are in constant need of humanitarian aid. While most young people have left the area, elderly and disabled people remain there – often alone, without the support of their family. The stress of living in a war zone, fear and insecurity further contribute to chronic illnesses. Many have insufficient access to medical assistance and no means to pay for medication.

In addition, humanitarian crisis situations that require support with food and everyday items occur repeatedly – not only due to the conflict, but also due to the regular forest fires or the Covid pandemic.