Nadzeya and Uladzimir

Nadzeya and Uladzimir participated in the peaceful protests against dictator Alexander Lukashenko in Belarus. As a result, they spent two years in prison. After their flight, both musicians now need help to restart their lives in Germany..

In their home country of Belarus, Nadzeya and Uladzimir have spoken publicly against human rights violations, arbitrary behaviour by the authorities and violence against protesters. The two musicians have played charity concerts and recorded solidarity videos with massive negative consequences and a prison sentence of several years.

Since escaping from Belarus, Libereco has assisted Nadzeya and Uladzimir with medical and psychosocial support and legal advice. Unfortunately, our resources are limited due to the many similar cases.

In close consultation with Nadzeya and Uladzimir, via Betterplace we are now collecting donations for their legal counselling throughout the asylum procedure and to refinance musical instruments so that the two musicians can once again earn their living.

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Goal of the fundraising campaign

We want to collect donations totalling 15,000 euros to provide Nadzeya and Uladzimir with legal support so that they can obtain a permanent residence permit in Germany. This security and stability will facilitate their rehabilitation after their escape. We also want to create a basis for them to practise their profession independently again.

Nadzeya and Uladzimir play music at a protest march in Minsk August 2020t

The story of Nadzeya and Uladzimir

Due to their involvement in the protests against the regime of dictator Alexander Lukashenko, Nadzeya and Uladzimir lost their jobs and were banned from performing. In August 2021, the two were brutally arrested and taken to the notorious Okrestina torture prison in Minsk. In December 2021, a court finally sentenced Nadzeya and Uladzimir and three other members of their band to two years in jail.

In prison, their health deteriorated due to mental pressure, cold, stress, fatigue and lack of medical access. After serving their sentence, Nadzeya and Uladzimir fled Belarus in June 2023 following further repression and constant surveillance. They are recognised political ex-prisoners and now live in Berlin.