Libereco supports the Ukrainian initiative REPAIR TOGETHER to reconstruct a cultural centre in Ivanivka in Chernihiv region. The cultural centre was destroyed by the Russian war of aggression in spring 2022. From spring 2023, REPAIR TOGETHER will take on the reconstruction of the cultural centre in order to return this important place of exchange, culture and music to the region.

We have already crowdfunded an amount of 50’000 Swiss Francs for the reconstruction of the cultural centre in Ivanivka. To fully fund the project, we continue to seek donations.

Donations account:
Account Holder: Libereco, 8000 Zurich
IBAN: CH81 0070 0114 8059 2400 2
please mention “Reconstruction Ukraine” as purpose of donation



The initiative REPAIR TOGETHER

In April 2022, Dmytro, Alex, Victoria and Daria travelled from Kyiv to the liberated Chernihiv region. They wanted to take action, clear away rubble and help rebuild the villages. To do this, they founded REPAIR TOGETHER. Since then, over 2,000 volunteers have helped to clean up and rebuild – accompanied by local rave DJs. We now want to support REPAIR TOGETHER to rebuild a cultural centre in the village of Ivanivka in the Chernihiv region.

Reconstruction with Volunteers and DJs

REPAIR TOGETHER was founded in April 2022 by Ukrainian activists and artists after large areas around Kyiv and Chernihiv had been liberated. They combine clean-ups and reconstruction with raves to give the helpers a break from the daily routine of war.

REPAIR TOGETHER is now supporting 16 villages in the Chernihiv region to rebuild their homes. This has included clearing rubble from 160 homes and reconstucting 20. Over 2,000 people have already begun volunteering with REPAIR TOGETHER. They are currently completely rebuilding another 17 homes with professional support. REPAIR TOGETHER consulted the local community for direction on their next steps. The residents asked for the cultural centre in Ivanivka to be their priority so that it becomes the centre of the community once again.

The cultural centre in Ivanivka

Libereco supports REPAIR TOGETHER to reconstruct the cultural centre in Ivanivka in the Chernihiv region. The cultural centre is a regionally significant space for social life, music and the arts. REPAIR TOGETHER is using the winter months to plan the construction project and purchase building materials. Libereco is supporting REPAIR TOGETHER with fundraising for the project.

Do your bit to support this initiative. Donate for the reconstruction and help us start the rebuild (and plug in the DJ decks) this spring.

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