You can now order Ukraine-themed greeting cards. All proceeds go towards our humanitarian aid for the people in Ukraine.

A set of beautiful Ukraine-themed greeting cards is now available! The illustrations are made by Ukrainian artists to bring you a little closer to this beautiful country. Each illustration focuses on one of the Ukrainian month names derived from nature. For example, the month of March (in Ukrainian березень [beresen]) means “the month when birch trees awaken”. The Ukrainian artist Darija Filippowa has artistically illustrated this theme.

Four of these impressive illustrations are now available as greeting cards. By ordering them, you also support our aid projects in the country affected by the Russian war of aggression. The cards can be ordered in sets of 4 (4 cards of the same motif or one card per motif) via our donation store for a donation of CHF 20 including postage and envelopes. Postage to addresses in Switzerland and in the European Union.

For offers for larger quantities, please contact us via e-mail to