“BY_Help” founder and coordinator Laksiej Lavonchyk with a symbolic cheque of the donation.

Solidarity with the people in Belarus is uninterrupted: Thanks to numerous donors, Libereco was able to pass on 20,000 Euro to the “BY_Help” initiative in its second transfer. Due to ongoing repressions in Belarus, we continue to collect donations for “BY_Help”.

Prominent activists of the Belarusian diaspora and civil society have initiated the campaign in the course of the protests against the rigged presidential election in order to support Belarusians who were and are affected by violence and repression. “BY_Help” processes applications for compensation for of fines, medical expenses and legal support. Libereco and our Belarusian and Ukrainian partner organisations have worked with “BY_Help” initiators in the past.

Part of the transfer were also the proceeds from our calendar campaign in the amount of about 3,400 Euro. In total, the sale of the solidarity calendar brought in close to 5,650 Euro. This money was used to pay for transactions (210 Euro), printing (580 Euro), shipping and packaging (595 Euro) and to compensate the Belarusian photographers (900 Euro) for their pictures.